Brooke Dooley | Producer

A Short Story

At eight years old, Brooke’s parents' divorce sparked a forceful independence and resiliency.  Even though she was surrounded by a loving and supportive family, she fell into destructive behaviors during high school that led her to an unhealthy lifestyle.  Brooke focused on her love for creating and submerged herself in studies at San Francisco State University's film program.  She craved real-world experience outside of academia that led her to an internship at the California Film Institute, a filmmaking fellowship with an independent documentary filmmaker, and a producer position at filmmaking co-op Scary Cow.  Her devotion to storytelling and her determination led her to produce over two dozen films before her 23rd birthday.  Her mastery of problem solving and delivering projects on time and under budget landed her a crew position on an all-male film shoot in Pakistan.  

Shortly after her stint in Southeast Asia, Brooke became an office manager turned development executive at American Rogue (partner company to Aero Film), a prominent production house in Los Angeles.  She packaged long-form projects for branded sponsorship and mainstream distribution. After two years there, Brooke launched her own boutique agency and cultivated the creative talent of emerging directors.  Since 2009, she has produced over 200 projects for various clients including Google, ICANN, U.S. Navy, The Salvation Army, Hewlett Packard, BODYARMOR, Best Buy, Goodyear Tires, Samsung and Disney. 

She continues to attach herself to projects that stimulate a visceral chord with audiences. She holds a distinct expertise in collaborating with top executives while concurrently supervising day-to-day production needs. Her approach as a producer is to listen, observe, absorb and implement. She loves to travel and has adventured to Japan, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, France and Pakistan. 

Some Skills

·       Master Multi-Tasker 

·       Calm Demeanor 

·       Fast Problem Solver

·       Equipped to Handle High-Stress Situations

·       Ability to Work With Multiple Types of Personalities

·       Solid Understanding of Pre, Production & Post Workflows

·       Excellent Phone Demeanor & Email Communication 

·       Confidential, Personable & Resourceful

·       Independent & Team Player

·       Track Record for Bringing Projects Under Budget

·       Skilled at Creating Commercial Bid Packages 

·       Skilled at Managing Various Budget Levels

·       Well-Versed in Hot Budget & Showbiz Budgeting

I've enjoyed producing projects for

Bradley Tangonan, Yuri Tsapayev, Joshua Moore, Erahm Christopher, Debbie Formoso, Side of Fries, Klaus Obermeyer, Culprit Creative, Sam O’Hare, B. Monet, Brian Ford, Gregory Tuzin, Maury Covington, Kat Keene, Austin Smithard, Dara Bratt, Howard Cao, Bram Van Riet, Alistair Legrand, Edgar Honetschläger, Jordan Bahat, Dana Romanoff, Michael Parenteau, Chase Joliet


San Francisco State University | Bachelor of Arts, Cinema 2007-2010

Community College of San Francisco | Broadcast Media 2006-2007


The Compassionate Listening Project

- Compassionate Listening Meets White Fragility 6-Session Workshop - Summer 2020

- Intro to Compassionate Listening Workshop 5-Session Workshop - Winter 2021

- On Judgements and Labels Spring 2021

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